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Hpool Chia Farming Payouts, What It Looks Like With 14TB Of Plots! My Plotting Strategy

Investing Wave oops. Amil YT Great video! Thanks, just started with Hpool today.

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Let's see how it goes. Investing Wave Acum 27 Zile I appreciate it! If you get stuck on the auditing process or have less then two TB you might wanna watch my latest video! Sonix What are the plotter settings? Chris Cray Good info.

Poeple have been wondering about Hpool's results. Masoud Jabbari Acum 28 Zile It seems that hpool is not accepting any new members, right? I am now 3 days registered, but my binding status has stuck on "auditing", and despite my miner being online, I have not been paid como farmar bitcoin. Investing Wave Acum 26 Zile I made a new video specifically for this issue, I wasn't aware of it till now! Jarod Miller Acum 28 Zile. Better off gpu como farmar bitcoin Investing Wave Acum 26 Zile There is several factors of this, 1 GPU prices are insane as of right now and with it being summer the temperatures are going to get hot and constantly run you AC.

Lion King Acum 29 Zile Can you share how you are staggering your plots like how much time for the next plot to start also how much ram and how many threads per plot for ur specific system?

Calcul Tabelar (Excel 2013)

Key step Once you have it running I put 1 plot como farmar bitcoin itself with ram 4 Threads and exclude directory -only for hpool The I select the 2tb m. Once it gets close to finishing all the plots just add another 20 I will be making a video on this! I appreciate the comment and I will have a video soon on staggering the plots! Any ideea why? I would definitely go back through all the steps just to see if there was anything missing. Plato TV had a good tutorial on it and it was supper simple.

Sami Sami Acum lună Is this an official pool? Investing Wave Acum 26 Zile I think it will be the same but at some point it will slow down on the amount of growth so bitcoin previziuni de valoare viitoare earnings will still slowly go down.

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When we join official pulls your earnings will be more if you joined a smaller pool Sami Sami Acum 26 Zile Investing Wave you said each day we will earn less and less with that many plots as more people join the pool, do you think this condition will also occur on the official pool later?

Official pools have yet to release yet!

  1. Hpool Chia Farming Payouts, What It Looks Like With 14TB Of Plots! My Plotting Strategy
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But yes as of right now I am making about. Grejanje Grejanje0 Investing Wave Plots create on some other account cannot use on other account?

Como farmar bitcoin the plot must be made on the same account? Custom PC Tips and Tricks Acum lună So when you bind your mnemonic key you have to wait for auditing on configuration menu. So should be successful instead of auditing but i can see many people complaining about this como farmar bitcoin. Investing Wave Acum lună Damn I know what you are talking about now but for me it happened in like a minute so I am not sure, I followed a video from Patro tv when I did mine and it was farming as soon as I started.

Let me say it this way. Easy, easy to set up.

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This will enable even DUMB people to join which is a brutal disaster for this coin and for the people thinking on investing. Lets be clear: noone except those big chinesse motherfuckers are going to be able to deal with this massive and exponential growth.

The rest, will have to give up. Maybe, como farmar bitcoin just 1 month. Noone can be competitive with 14TB. The people that are still getting decent profit talk about plots, and getting their way up to plots to stay in good profit numbers.

Numbers that will go down as more people join, which will force to invest more to gain the same. I've been a miner for 4 years, i've suffered the bear market on ETH mining onbut i can grant you i have never seen a blockchain grow this fast and destroy so fast the profit for the people in. It's just brutally insane. I am just along for the ride and do not plan on throwing s of dollars just to see it wasted. Does your computer turn off at any time?

Like how often? Before I upgraded to 32 GB of ram it would shut down after 10 plots or so.

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Once I get enough plots done I am going to migrate to a small windows computer to just run the farm. My friends finally earned his first 2 XCH today after plots 3 weeks to win. You never know could hit that 2 chia! Thanks :-D Investing Wave I appreciate it my friend! ButtFucker Acum lună I'm starting to think como farmar bitcoin solo mining might be better than Pool mining, I've already gotten my first block reward and only have 20tb.

Could spend forever mining with pool and I would only have a fraction of what I have currently. That being said, I might just mine for the next few months and never get a single chia, have to see how next week goes till pools open up.

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Damir Kovač Consinstency over dumb luck is way better option. Harvey Degree Acum lună Same. I got my first block around 8 TB just two weeks ago.

Sure difficulty has increased since then. Set it and forget it. For right now in your shoes it is safer to solo mine and you still have a pretty good chance! And congratulations on 2 chia!

A Acum 5 luni Quando vc resgata de uma live, depende do quanto o streamer resolveu dar a cada código. Vc usando o free pega 0,05 segundos oq dizem, mas é mentira pq peguei de um streamer e deu menos JaYc YAcum 5 luni Totalmente sem lógica o plano free que é uma mentira você gera "0. A Acum 5 luni O free e o pro só tem diferença na máscara. Um pode isso e aquilo e o outro não, mas na questão de ganhar, nos 2 vc não ganha nada.

All my plots staying unsigned! Already got the banding done few times. Acum 29 Zile Investing Como farmar bitcoin hpool started to audit new signups lately.

Investing Wave Acum lună I am not sure, what do you mean by auditing exactly.

Hpool Chia Farming Payouts, What It Looks Like With 14TB Of Plots! My Plotting Strategy...

Are you using hpool or are you using the default GUI to farm? Alan Lo how many plots can you como farmar bitcoin a day with your system? Investing Wave Acum lună So my system plots around 1. So 18 plots a day! Demonetized Acum lună This a stupid video, u didn't say how much u make with 14 tb of plots, which is why i clicked this video Demonetized.