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In the light of the above I am not surprised that the level of preparation for the PSD2 deadline of March is very bad.

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Being the biggest commercial bank in Romania, it was I think a must to be the first. The developer site looks good and with good information. API features: Payments: Provide our users with money transfer services, directly from your platform or application.

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Accounts : Access the account information, balance and transaction history needed. Interesting that they have a dedicated site to Romania even if they are part of a bigger European banking group. API features: Accounts: This service group list accounts of a customer and read their details, balance, transaction list and transaction details.

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Card Accounts: This service group list card accounts of a customer and read their details, balance, transaction list and transaction details. Payments: This service group initiate a single payment transaction, check the status of a payment initiation, return the content of a payment object. They announced it but is still not stated on the API site.

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Authorize: Verify Citi customer accounts and grant your apps access to account bitcoin marketplace github. Customers: Get approved access to shared Citi customer profile data for deeper engagement.

Money Movement: Give Citi customers the ability to move money across accounts and institutions.

Standarde[ modificare modificare sursă ] Pentru a sprijini utilizarea tehnologiei blockchain în jocuri, au fost stabilite anumite standarde menite să reglementeze folosirea jetoanelor infungibile. ERC este un standard ereditar de contract inteligent Solidity, ceea ce înseamnă că dezvoltatorii pot crea cu ușurință noi contracte conforme cu ERC prin importarea sa din biblioteca OpenZeppelin.

Onboarding: Tap into the power of Citi acquisitions partner services. Utilities:Allow developers to get country specific variations. LibraBank For a bank that calls itself an Internet bank the developer site looks like in an alpha state.

It looks like they just created the site, there is no API yet. API features:.

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