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То обстоятельство, что они чуть меня не поймали -- это в городе-то, где все для них, казалось бы, необычно и чуждо,-- свидетельствует, что они вооружены телепатическими способностями. Я мог бы схватиться с Советом, но тут передо мной какая-то непостижимая угроза, и противостоять ей я не решаюсь. Вот почему я просто предвосхищаю тот шаг, который мне, как я полагаю, все равно пришлось бы сделать по настоянию Совета,-- мне ведь этим уже угрожали.

Aaaaahhhhh i feel much better now. Experientele lui Dragos Acum 5 luni Hey Sheldon!

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This is Dragosan introvert also! I really love your videos and your content! I have to say that usually I wouldn't comment on youtube videos, but this one really lighted a spark inside of me, so I just wanted to show my appreciation for your work!

Закричала. Прошло некоторое время, прежде чем Шут. Выглядел он изможденным и каким-то словно в воду опущенным, и Алистре пришлось повторить свой вопрос, и только тогда он обратил на нее внимание. Казалось, он ничуть не был удивлен, увидев ее .

I started my youtube channel this year, after the pandemic started with the reason to try and crack my introvert shell. Even if it was hard in the beginning, after the 4th, 5th video I started to get more comfortable. And all of the times people really interacted with my work and appreciated it, gave me the strenght to keep going and to do more videos.

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Knowing now the sensation that you have when you recieve a thumbs up from somebody who you inspired or moved, I decided to write this message to you! Bitcoin burk market australia up the good work and thank you!

I know that I am an HSP highly sensitively personbut not in the sense that you might think. I am very sensitive to noise, in particular, and need lots of downtime but not shy.


Very close, deep relationships but like you, can count bitcoin burk market australia people on one hand. I need order, comfortable clothing, love to learn new things completed my PhD a couple of years ago and curious about life and the universe. Benjamin Acum 5 luni Thank you for sharing this with us! I can so much relate to it and yes it's truly the time to shine for people which are more on the introvert side of the spectrum.

You are such a beautiful person.

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I appreciate your content. Thank you!

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Julie Akers Acum 5 luni Profound We need more people out there like you showing their courageous vulnerability. Which, I feel that - to be vulnerable means that you are courageous.


Well done, my friend Keep up the good work. Prefer my own company and gaining knowledge rather than pointless coffee meeting with people that don't change anything in my life.

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Mark Bowering Photography Acum 5 luni What a wonderful video. This was like looking in the mirror.

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I have to say though, I have been perfectly happy traversing this life as an introvert. Once you have a few social skills you can ebb and flow in and out of being an introvert to your hearts content.

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Trying to be an extrovert when you are an introvert can be very exhausting. This video made a lot of sense.

Minunata taina a Craciunului care nu inceteaza an de an sa imi incalzeasca sufletul aduce cu sine o mare Bucurie direct din cer, este un Dar sfant. Sihastria Putnei este ultimul asezamant monahal inchis din porunca stapanirii straine.

Tamani Acum 6 luni At the beginning of the year i finally got more confident about myself and tried to talk more to New people since i also got to Deal with best bitcoin australia people in school who i didn't really talk to before. That way i met someone who is an extreme extrovert and wants to talk a bitcoin burk market australia etc. It definitely helped me to leave my comfort zone.

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But i've started to get very scared and stressed and this Video just helped me to understand why. I am an ambivert with more parts of an introvert i guess. All the talking, many New people in a short time, and especially talking over the Phone in the evening etc just drained all my energy.

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I always spend the evening and parts of the night by myself, watching Videos, reading, listening to music and when He came and wanted to talk to me on the Phone at this time, or go somewhere, the thing i got my energy from Was filled with another Action which drained my energy and i had no time to recover. But i definitely also get energy from spending time withy my few close friends, that's why i'd call myself an ambivert.

I guess what i now learned because of your video is that i should ceep my evening time for myself to be able to be open for people who don't only coast me energy, but from who my extrovert side also can get energy from if that makes sence. So i finally understood that i don't have to give up my me time to be 'normal and less shy' cause people also thought i'd be shy when i actually never really felt that shy but that this time is Important for me to be able to interact more with others and to make New friends who understand that and to whom i can get close to : i feel like that's a very complicated explenation since i'd describe myself as an ambivert and there are These two sides and especially from bitcoin burk market australia as someone who doesn't speek english too well especially when it's about the way i feel.

But i want you tho know that you've really helped me to understand myself more.

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